Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention & Control Policy

Created June 19th 2020  - 3rd revision 30th September 2020


At Just Massage Holistic Therapy, our very purpose is to improve your wellbeing… physically, mentally and emotionally. We want to make you aware of some things that have always happened behind the scenes, as well as some changes we need to make to ensure we are doing everything possible to keep us all safe.

Health and safety is an integral part of our commitment so the Coronavirus pandemic necessitated a full and careful review of the procedures in place. After completing a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention and Control course, accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists Ltd, (the UK trade body for our industry) a risk assessment was carried out to review how we operate in line with current (and ever-evolving) government recommendations and emerging best practice. This has informed the policy outlined below.

It is our intention to ensure your experience here will not be compromised in any way and short of having to postpone if either of us have any symptoms, we hope you will be able to continue to enjoy Just Massage Holistic Therapy as part of your commitment to YOUR wellbeing.

Re-opening & returning safely

Just Massage reopened on Monday 13th July, in line with Government guidelines.

Some people with underlying health conditions may be safer not to return just yet. Some spaces are available for new clients however my priority will continue to be ensuring adequately spaced appointments for regular clients.

All surfaces that you may come into contact with here such as the stair case hand rail, light switches, door handles, massage bed, your chair, my stool, the bathroom etc. are all cleaned using disinfectant products between each appointment. I would however that you are mindful to keep contact of surfaces to an absolute minimum.

To maintain the quality of your experience, I am still using high quality towels and sheets on the massage bed as these are always changed and washed at 60 degrees after every client.  However, in line with advice, they are now stored outside of the treatment room to prevent cross contamination.

The treatment room has had a deep clean and a makeover and I’ve removed as much as I can from it to make it easier to keep clean and to reduce
cross-contamination risks.

Hand washing still remains the greatest ally in the fight against Covid-19.  Hand and arm washing up to and including the elbow in according with NHS hand hygiene recommendations has always taken place before the start of your treatment anyway and this will of course continue. I also do this as a matter of course immediately following the end of your treatment and suggest that you also wash your hands on arrival and again before leaving.

Before Your Return

I always try to make your treatments as comfortable and enjoyable as possible and COVID-19 has added a new level of awareness for us all in terms of safety. If you have any concerns please let me know and I will do what I can to help.

Otherwise, for the time being at least, the following measures are now in place:

1.   If, in the days before and at any time up to the time you are setting off for your appointment, you or any of the people you live with feel ill or display any symptoms of C0VlD-19 – please advise me as soon as possible and DO NOT COME TO YOUR APPOINTMENT. Equally, if I feel ill or have any symptoms I may also have to cancel your appointment at short notice. 

2.   For the foreseeable future, the existing cancellation policy is suspended and you will not be charged for any appointments which you miss due to illness or suspected illness. I would ask however that wherever possible you continue as usual to give me as much notice as possible to help with planning. 

3. If you have not been back to us since before lockdown, you will be contacted the day before you appointment to do a pre-screening check where you will be asked to confirm that neither you, nor anyone you have been in contact with, has Covid-19 symptoms - this is essential and must be confirmed

your appointment

  1. Please do not arrive early  unless you have been able to contact me first.  If you are early, it may mean you come into contact with another client, unnecessarily compromising you both and limiting the time I have to carry out the necessary clean down procedures between appointments.

  2. Please arrive to your appointment wearing a face covering as per Government regulations. You can take it off once seated but may also need it for certain parts of your treatment. I will also use recommended PPE during your treatment.

  3. Hand sanitiser is available at the front door and the NHS Test and Trace QR code is inside the door for you to scan if you wish upon entry. We take contact details from you as part of the consultation and I maintain a diary should your phone not be equipped for this process, so rest assured we would still be able to contact you if needed.

  4. You will be invited to have your temperature checked at the door, using a non-contact infrared themometer - I also take my temperature and that of my family daily.

  5. The window is fully opened in the treatment room between clients for ventilation and where comfortable, will also be left open during treatments. 

  6. The upstairs bathroom is only used by clients in opening hours and is cleaned in between. If using the bathroom, please close the toilet lid down before flushing. This significantly reduces the potential of aerosolising infected droplets thus minimising transfer risk. There are antibacterial wipes for you to use in the bathroom if you wish. 

  7. Please wash your hands in line with NHS and Public Health guidelines - there is basket of clean single use towels under the sink and another basket for used towels. 

Available Treatments

Any treatments that can be carried out face down will minimise our face to face contact, however masks must be worn by both parties for face up treatments.  In line with recent restriction lifting, I am am now able to offer face massage once again. I have also reintroduced  Pregnancy Massage  provided you are beyond 14 weeks, have approval from your midwife and have no underlying health conditions.


If you normally pay by cash and wish to continue, you may do so - sanitiser is available for both of us to use after handling it.  
Virologists say cash is no higher risk than touching your phone or any other surface.
Equally if you prefer to switch to payment by bank transfer that is also absolutely fine and we can arrange this at your appointment.


As ever, I will continue to update this page in line with changing advice or mandatory rules from Government, emerging best practice and trusted colleagues regarding safe practice and will amend these procedures as necessary. Feedback on our procedures is always welcome!

Your continued loyalty and support is overwhelming and it been wonderful having you all back since our re-opening - thank you all and especially my beloved "tea-clubbers".

Keep eating your greens and don't listen to too much news - its bad for your health!
Judy X