At Just Massage we're a bit different...

Tranquillity  90 minutes £75
Peace             75 minutes £65
Release         60 minutes £55

Payment is for actual hands on time  - consultation and recovery time  is complimentary because really, who likes paying for an hours massage that's really only 50 minutes? This means that  your total treatment lasts a lot longer than the time you've booked so hopefully you will leave feeling you've had an indulgent and totally relaxing experience! 

Whether you want a de-stressing Indian Head, relaxing Pregnancy massage, soothing Hot Stones, releasing Back, Neck & Shoulder, Indian Head, Thai Hand and Foot or perhaps some combination of therapies... the rate is the same and reflects our unhurried appointment policy.

Our loyal clients have found this formula to work well  as it allows treatments to be adapted according to budget, time constraints and requirements on the day.  Longer times allow for combinations of treatments and that complete out of body experience. You will float home and feel the benefit for days to come. So, simply decide how much massage time you'd like and we'll work the rest out from there!

Gift Vouchers are available and make wonderfully thoughtful gifts